Sunday, 16 October 2011

Amazing Artwork

In the past month my schedule has been so hectic and messed up that I can't even find the time to post on my blog ( I apologize in advance for my future lack of posts ) and because today I found a 15 min window, I decided to show you some amazing artwork that has caught my eye for some time now.

And here is a little playlist for you to listen. Hope you like it and hope it makes your day a little better.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Fashion Film

And because it's Sunday here are some great videos. Enjoy.


Lately I've been paying more attention to the pattern rather than the style, or the cut, of the clothes. From the artistic prints of Dries Van Noten to amazing abstract ones of Balenciaga , from  the black and white textiles of Aquilano Rimondi straight to the psychedelic prints of D&G.
Consequently, as I've always been fascinated with the kaleidoscope effect, I did (well I tried) the same thing with this patterns .

and here is an amazing song, which goes perfectly with this post 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Ice Queen

Magdalena Frackowiak 
Potohgraphed by : Aitken jolly 
Styled by : Anders Solvsten Thomsen 
For : Dansk Magazine A/W 2011 

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tyler The Creator

Interview Magazine  took for their August issue an interview with the amazing Tyler the Creator  " the crew’s primary attention-getter, troublemaker, and ringleader. Born Tyler Okonma, and raised in various neighborhoods in L.A., he released his first album, Bastard, in 2009 without the support of a record label, simply uploading it onto the Internet. As of this writing, the music video for “Yonkers,” the first single from his second album, Goblin, which was released this past spring (via an actual record label, XL), has had more than 13 million views on YouTube.  "  

"FLAME: I’m sure you know people say y’all’s lyrics are dark or are negative. What do y’all think fans should get when they walk away from listening to y’all’s music?
TYLER: Well, our fans relate to our music, but most of the time the people who say that our music is dark and weird and shit like that—it doesn’t relate to them so they judge it based on what shocks them the most instead of the whole project. So the fans walk away as fans who are relatin’ to the shit, knowin’ what the fuck I’m talkin’ about, and then the other people can just sit there and claim what we’re doing is dark and Satanist or other bullshit that I don’t even like readin’ about. Because I’ll be readin’ shit where peo- ple say, “He’s not lyrical, and rap is supposed to be lyri- cal and have passion,” and I’m sitting there like, “He’s rappin’ about his life and how he misses his brother [on the song “Nightmare” from Goblin]. How is that not passionate?” But I guess those people just don’t relate to anything we’re saying, so they’re quick to judge. "
if you want to read the whole interview go here.